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E-Commerce Logistics

Problems to solve

Customer dissatisfaction due to long delivery lead time

Online shopping service providers dealing in fashionable apparel and miscellaneous goods have found it difficult to shorten the lead time from receiving orders from customers to shipping out goods, because of being behind with handling a wide variety of items at high frequency as well as managing a lot of vendors.

Continuous delays in delivery were critical for their business, because they caused sales opportunity loss.

SGL's solution

Introduction of SGL e-commence operation method

E-commerce requires uninterrupted logistics operations from the receipt of goods to sales, shipment and delivery. SGL's e-commerce operation method has paved the way for this.

SGL's on-site operation management

Overview of SGL e-commence operation method

Own developed WMS*1

We have introduced our independently developed WMS for conducting waste-free work and for the effective use of spaces. Our WMS stably supports warehouse operation from the very beginning.

On-site operation management supported by WMS

Our WMS makes on-site operation visible on a real-time basis. With this function, we can locate any problem or inefficient operation in the warehouse immediately and solve it in accordance with the situation.

Operation results analysis for continuous improvement

We analyze all operational data accumulated on our WMS, and find the issues that need to be improved through reviewing the results of analysis.

Benefits provided by SGL's solution

Effects on operation & customer satisfaction

  • By getting to understand the progress of each operation in time through our WMS, we came to be able to recover delays in operation, and this ultimately led to a reduction in the delivery lead time.
  • For an online shop operator, by cooperating with each other, cross-dock operation for e-commerce*2 in which goods ordered are shipped on the day of their arrival was achieved. With this, our customers came to be able to minimize the number of days the goods spent in inventory and improved their cash flow.
  • The service gained high praise from customers for superior stability in warehouse operations without system errors or work delays.
  • We also gained a favorable reputation for massive improvement in terms of the inventory & delivery accuracy that is realized by the operation using handheld terminals*3 linked with the WMS.


- An abbreviation of Warehouse Management System.
*2Cross-dock operations for e-commerce
- The practice in the logistics of unloading materials from an incoming truck, and loading them directly into outbound trucks with little or even no storage in between.
*3Handheld terminal
- A portable device for the real-time exchange of data with the WMS, equipped with a barcode scanning function.
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