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g-drum Rental

g-drum is the new 200 liter capacity liquid container that complements the 1000 liter IBCs, which best suits to the food and the pharmaceutical industry for various sanitary applications. The brand name "g-drum" comes from the expected ecological (green) contribution to all users.


Base board & side heater

Aseptic filling system ibottom fill & discharge)

Remarkable Features

Filling site

Four g-drums can be loaded on to T-11 pallet in comparison with two steel drums.

No rust, no contaminations sourced to the container materials like steels, fibers etc.

Filling and discharge without contacting the ambient air is achieved.

Aseptic filling and discharge are also available.

The disposable liner bags have the high barrier performance.

g-drum can be individually handled by the porter.

Various ancillary equipment support the efficient filling, discharge and handlings.

Non hazardous applications only.

Special device to squeeze the highly viscous products.

Squeezer for viscous products(Twins200)

Up to 300,000 cps viscosity products can be squeezed by the special device called "Twins" with the residue less than one percent.

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